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A tremendous thank you goes out to everyone who played a part in making the 2023 Bear Fair an unforgettable event! We are immensely grateful to our generous 2023 Sponsors for their invaluable support, and we also want to extend our deepest appreciation to all of the hardworking Volunteers who donated their time and energy to ensure the event's success. The Holy Family Bear Fair couldn't have been the remarkable experience it was without each and every one of you coming together to make it happen.


From the planning stages to the execution of the event, your dedication and teamwork were evident throughout. Your efforts not only made this year's Bear Fair a fantastic occasion for all who attended but also helped strengthen our community bonds and create lasting memories.


As we celebrate the success of the 2023 Bear Fair, we also look forward to the future with anticipation and excitement. With your continued support and enthusiasm, we have no doubt that next year's Bear Fair will be just as memorable, if not even more so. Together, we can continue to create meaningful experiences and cherished traditions for our community.

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